A Funeral Customary for celebrating a life....


A Message from the Clergy


We are never prepared for the emotional and spiritual shock and heavy responsibilties that come when someone we love dies. We want you to know that you are not alone as you go through this process; the Church is here to help you with decisions, obligations and the Christian services that are so important in dealing with the grief we experience.


The attachment book is written with the hope that it may be of help to you as you work through the task of walking through the final days of your loved one's life and planning for the burial.

We will, of course, want to personally walk through this process with you. This is written, however, so that you have something to refer to in a time when you may feel overwhelmed.

Many members of Good Shepherd will be involved in praying, planning and preparing for your loved one's funeral. All of us pray that you will experience God's comforting love and Christian hope as you grieve.

In Christ,

The Rev. David M. Faulkner, Rector








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