When you need care.

Jesus said
"Come unto me all who are heavy laden and I will give you rest".
Church office 972-563-2412

You are not only a body, you also are a soul. Our clergy staff is here to listen and provide spiritual care during times of illness, stress, transition, discernment, or crisis.  Many find that talking to their priest can help put things in perspective, provide needed support, or simply be a listening ear as we walk though the ups and downs of life. The priest is not there to offer judgment, but to offer support when trouble comes. Our priests cannot offer care if they are not cared for themselves. 


Different Kinds of Care


Administrative Care

If you need information about our programs or practical help of some kind, please contact our Parish Administrator, Connie Rush.


Prayer Care.

We have three prayer groups operating at the Church of the Good Shepherd who will pray for you in the midst of “trouble”:

  • The Parish Prayer List is printed each week in our bulletin. Please call the church office if you would like your church family to pray for you.

  • The Daughters of the King (a religious order for women) maintains a confidential prayer list. Members pray daily for the needs of those who contact them. Please contact to be added to this list.

  • Our small groups meet with one another for lunch once a month and lift each other up in prayer. Please contact the church office to find a group.


Additionally, our pastors consider it a privilege to be asked to pray for you. Please call the church office to connect with one of our priests.


Food Care

Our food care team delivers meals to our members.  If you are being hospitalized, experiencing a crisis, or in the middle of a life transition – such as a move or the arrival of a new baby – we can provide meals for you. Usually we will provide meals for three days, with enough provided for two or more days. Please let us know if we can establish a “Meal Train” for you by calling the church office.


Practical Care

Sometimes you just need a little help with something. If you are a member, your church family may be able to help you with task or a need which is too big for you to handle alone.  While we cannot become “on call” handymen or carpenters, if you have tried everything else and need a hand, please call the church office.



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