Weddings at Good Shepherd


Guidelines for the Celebration of a Marriage

The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd

200 W College St, Terrell, TX 75160

The Rev’d David M. Faulkner, Rector

1. At least one of the parties wishing to be married must have received Holy Baptism.


2. Holy Matrimony is a Sacrament of the Church shared in a public worship service. At least one

of the parties must either: 1.) Worship regularly at Good Shepherd, 2.) Be looking for a church

home, 3.) Share a family connection to Good Shepherd, 4.) Worship regularly at another

church. The Rector alone will determine if this condition is met.


3. Communication from the Rector and office will be directed only to the bride and groom.


4. No marriage will be placed on the Parish Calendar until all required paperwork has been

received, along with a $150 deposit, which will be applied to the cleaning fee, if applicable.

Both parties to the marriage must sign the Declaration of Intention ascribing to a belief in

Christian Marriage as understood by The Episcopal Church.


5. If Ballard Hall is used, there is a cleaning fee of $150. For those who are not pledging members

there is also a required $300 contribution to the parish. Pledging members are encouraged to

give a tithe of their wedding expenses in thanksgiving. Linens may be rented for $200.


6. The Music fee of $250 is paid to the Parish Musician. The Parish Musician has the right of

first refusal. The Rector and the Parish Musician must approve any other musician. If another

musician is used, the Parish Musician is still paid the $250 fee. All music must be approved by

the Parish Musician and the Rector. Pre-recorded music is not used in the church.


7. Pre-marital counseling is required in The Episcopal Church. Pre-marital counseling typically

consists of the Prepare/Enrich online survey and five sessions of counseling. The cost of the

survey is paid via the Prepare/Enrich website. The couple may fulfill the counseling requirement

with another Episcopal priest of the Rector’s choosing only if they do not reside locally.


8. The request for solemnization of marriage must be made at least 90 days prior to the wedding

date. Weddings are not celebrated in Advent, Lent, Holy Week, or Easter Week. Exceptions

can only be made for compelling pastoral reasons (e.g. the impending birth of a child, military

deployment, etc.). The Rector will preside at all weddings, unless he consents and invites

another Episcopal priest to preside. Clergy of other traditions may participate in a role

determined by the Rector and only at his invitation.


9. The service will be from The Book of Common Prayer. A unity candle is not used.


10. If either party has been previously married and divorced, a final divorce decree must be

provided and proper concern for the former spouse, and children, if applicable, must be

demonstrated. Permission of the Bishop of Dallas to marry must be obtained. (Please note: This

process must be complete before a wedding date may be finalized on the Parish Calendar.)


11. In accordance with the Canons of The Episcopal Church, it is within the discretion of the

Clergy to decline to preside at any marriage. If the Rector declines to preside, the wedding

may not take place at Good Shepherd.


12. There is no Clergy fee for the Rector to preside at a marriage. An honorarium is

appropriate and appreciated. $100-$200 is typical.


13. The Rector’s decision on all matters whatsoever is final and absolute.

No couple will be denied marriage in the church for financial reasons. If finances are an

issue, please discuss this with the Rector. If the bride and groom consent to these

guidelines, an appointment with the Rector may be scheduled.

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